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At Lodha World School, we give our staff an intellectually stimulating environment, which motivates them to give their best and challenges them to continuously broaden and sharpen their learning.
We follow the “Leaders of Tomorrow” motto while recruiting teachers and staff as well – everyone is encouraged to be proactive, work with a team and make a difference in and out of the school.

We always look to add new members to join us. If you are passionate about education and have a desire to excel, please email us your profile at contact@lodhaworldschool.com.

 Subject Teachers in Thane, Dombivali or Dahisar
 If you are a teacher and looking for a new opportunity at Lodha World School, please email your CV    contact_thane@lodhaworldschool.com for Thane and contact_palava@lodhaworldschool.com for    Dombivali. We will get in touch with you.

Job Openings at Lodha World School, Thane

Job Openings at Lodha World School, Palava

17th June School opening

1st July to 5th July Vanmahotsava week activities

17th July Fancy dress competition (Animal)

19th July Color day (Yellow)

22nd July Special assembly (Guru Poornima)

1st Aug Walk in the Rain (Pre Primary)

5th Aug Fancy Dress (Aquatic Animals)(Pre Primary)

13th Aug Color Day-Blue (Pre Primary)

14th Aug Independence day celebration (Pre Primary)

15th Aug Independence day celebration (P/MS)

27th Aug Special Assembly Dahi Handi (P/PP/MS)

29th Aug Indoor Camping Day (Pre Primary)

5th Sep Teacher's Day Celebration (PP/P/MS)

6th Sep Special Assembly Ganesh Chaturthi (PP/P/MS)

11th Sep Field Trip (Pre Primary)

12th Sep Color Day(Green) (Pre Primary)

13th Sep Hindi Divas (P/MS)

19th Sep Craft Competition(Best out of waste) (Pre Primary)

23th Sep Teddy Bear Day (Pre Primary)

27th Sep Grand Parents Day Celebration (PP/P/MS)

30th Sep Inter-House Dramatics Competition (P/MS)

7th Nov Drawing coloring competition