We want every child passing out from Lodha School to be future ready and capable enough to be able to take on the world as an efficient leader. We try and give them a taste of the real world by putting on various responsibilities on to them through the various school initiatives as below:

Smart Projects :

At Lodha World School we encourage group projects to allow our children to understand the importance of team work and collaboration. Research has proven peer learning to be far more beneficial than just classroom learning. Children learn to delegate, collaborate and persuade to get their work done. These skills are those that will prepare them to take on the many challenges ahead and resolve them tactfully.

Senate of students :

Putting responsibilities on their shoulder is the best way in nurturing leadership potential among children and the Student council at Lodha World School, exemplifies the same. Be it becoming role models for their junior peers or voicing their independent opinions, we groom young minds to become leaders of tomorrow.

Interschool Fora :

Our children get every opportunity to represent the school at all interschool forums. Be it ‘Kids for Tiger’, district and state level cultural and sport competitions or the various field excursions our children are a fitting personification of our vision towards this institution.