Academic excellence is an insufficient outcome at Lodha school unless our children are able to utilize it in the most appropriate manner and give back to the world as global citizens and righteous human beings

We try to build a strong foundation to their value system and inculcate the right values through the following initiatives in school:

Quality Circle Time:

The quality circle time model is an approach used for early years setting to improve social skills and build positive relationships. The quality circle time activity conducted in every class help the children develop their self-esteem and confidence. We now see happy classrooms, happy corridors and happy lunchtimes because we have happy children. These happy and smiling children make us a Happy school.

Community Service :

As much as we want our children to be achievers and learn to accomplish, we also wish to inculcate in them a sense of giving back to the society. Through a detailed community service course we allow our children to experience the joy of giving and sensitivize them to the larger issues challenging our nation today. At Lodha School we encourage our children to be more empathetic and responsible citizens of the world.

Social and Cultural events :

With every progressive step that our children take we ensue they remain deeply rooted to their culture and values. Seeing our children celebrate all the festivals with equal fervour and enthusiasm reinforces in us the belief of having instilled the right values in them. These little successes in taking our children towards becoming better human beings mean much more to us than any academic milestones.