We as an institution believe in investing all our time and energy in picking the best teachers and developing them into these stars which our students can idiolize.

Competent Pedagogy :

We don’t pick teachers, we choose mentors! Our teachers are stars for the students who keep their classroom secrets, share lunchboxes, explore their wild imaginations, give wings to their dreams and build confidence in them to reach for the sky. Our well-qualified teachers don’t hesitate to learn from the young minds in the process of teaching and learning. Our teachers are facilitators who put in their heart and soul to ensure that they not only impart the best of knowledge but also life lessons to make our children better human beings.

Continuous development :

The management on the other hand completely believes in investing in the growth and development of their most important assets – its teachers. All teachers participate in a year-long training program to further hone their skills required to drive the Lodha’s educational vision in the best possible manner. This is because we know that happy teachers will ensure happy classrooms.