One School Many Campuses

Lodha World School, Thane is one of the best schools in thane and was the first school set up in the Lodha Paradise Compound, in Thane to cater to the growing Lodha Citizens community. Slowly the school expanded its horizons with children from across Thane wanting to be a part of the school.

Over time the school has managed to evolve to take on new challenges of change in the physical environment to suit the growing numerical strength of the already 1000 plus students.

Lodha being one of the top schools in thane encompasses a unique, indulgent and a majestic infrastructure built to international standards of quality and safety. The School righteously ensures that the Lodha vision is imbibed throughly in its curriculum, activities and its fraternity to ensure the best for its students.

Lodha World School, Palava is the second institution set up under the umbrella of the Lodha World School brand. Following the same vision, this institution was built to provide an attractive and a dynamic environment for its students and staff alike. Lodha World School’s emphasis on growth, creativity and leadership is deeply rooted in our philosophical foundations and is seen in everything that we do. An exceptional institution that gives our students the skills, confidence and knowledge to be successful in life and to contribute to their communities and societies at large.