Enrichment Programs, Co-curricular activities and Extra- curricular activities

The Enrichment program is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to have enriching experiences beyond the normal school day. The primary goal of EP is for students to have fun while learning important life skills and developing mastery of certain skills. The program is not competitively driven, but instead, is focused on exposing students to new experiences and enriching their lives.

The EP will allow students to try new experiences or participate in areas they are already passionate about. Each EP aims to be student centered and to maximize student participation in the activity.

The Lodha World School offers a host of Enrichment Programs to students across classes and across interests. Some of the enrichment programs offered within and beyod school are:

  • Football Coaching
  • Basketball Coaching
  • Music (Vocals and Instrumentals – Guitars, Drums, Keyboard)
  • Elementary and Intermediate Drawing exams
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Martial Arts

Apart from this the school continues to host multiple intra school events covering skills around Extempore, Creative Writing, Public Speaking and much more