Primary Curriculum

The primary school program at Lodha World School, Palava weaves a tapestry intricately interlacing rich Indian traditional education with present international educational pedagogy. Here the individual talent and worth of every child is celebrated in a rich and stimulating environment with warm, loving and supportive teachers through a comprehensive, multi-layered and integrated curriculum.

Primary School | Lodha World School Palava

An in-depth study in a wide variety of subjects happens here with focus on developing critical thinking skills, nurturing intellectual curiosity and helping students to become self-directed problem solvers. Students build a solid foundation of academic proficiency, explore leadership roles within the classroom, develop critical thinking skills and incorporate artistic expression and creative thinking all within the ambit of a curriculum which honors the rights, needs and talents of a diverse population of learners.

The Languages program helps develop literacy skills that equip students to appreciate different genres of literature and expand their reading choices to a variety of stories, novels and poetry. It helps to refine their skills in reading, writing and speaking and to improve their comprehension skills. Students learn to identify and use grammar when writing, expand vocabulary through word study activities and a variety of spelling programs in the English Language Lab sessions, refine small motor skills through guided handwriting lessons and gain strong critical thinking skills.

Students acquire an appreciation for the breadth and depth of mathematical thinking through challenging class activities and competitions. Students are encouraged to utilize online resources for practice through programs like Mindspark which helps them refine critical thinking skills.

Students adopt an inquiry based learning method by working collaboratively and independently through experiential learning activities in their Social Studies classes. They are taught to connect the past with the present, understand historical context, study biographies, historical events, history of different civilizations, learn about the specific cultures of people and places, expand geography skills and global awareness, map continents or countries based on either their political boundaries or physical features and gain an awareness of what it means to be a global citizen by visiting natural history and science museums.

Science gives students opportunities to explore with educational field trips. It places an emphasis on scientific inquiry and observation with scope for hands on activities and experiments through experiential learning methods. Students work collaboratively and independently to develop critical thinking skills.

In computer science classes, children learn to utilize technology as an inquiry tool to expand their horizons and acquire new knowledge. They gain awareness of what it means to be a global citizen through international collaborations like the Global Scholars Program in which they gain confidence to communicate ideas and collaborate with peers across the globe. Students learn to use classroom technology and learning tools respectfully safely.

The value education classes at Lodha World School, Palava integrate moral values, health, physical education and science. They incorporate specific topics of physical growth and wellness as well as emphasize upon social and emotional development. Students learn to recognize personal skills, strengths, and challenges, learn to accept different viewpoints, and to respectfully disagree, learn about friendship skills, social responsibility and peer pressure.

The goal of Physical education is to maintain a healthy level of fitness. Organized PE classes twice a week with the PE teacher are held with a focus on refining large motor skill development and eye-hand coordination. Students practice skills appropriate to individual fitness and team sports with an emphasis on team work and collaboration.

The Art and Craft classes provide opportunities for students to express themselves visually, develop creative skills and learn the elements of art and principles of design that instill artistic confidence. Students explore a variety of art media: drawing, painting, clay and more to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional projects with an emphasis on technique, media and art concepts.

At Lodha World School, Palava, the goal of the Music in-house program as well as the program conducted in conjunction with The Furtado School of Music is to ensure that all students experience an enriched music curriculum with depth and quality which helps students express their ideas and feelings through senses and instruments as well as instills knowledge of musical notation, rhythm and beat in weekly musical classes.

The goal of the Dance program is to ensure that all students experience an enriched dance program with depth and quality. This program develops skills that helps students express their ideas and feelings as well as instills knowledge of classical dance concepts and stage performances. Students learn complex selections for performances and explore opportunities for a creative interpretation of characters and themes to work effectively as an ensemble.

The school follows the CCE pattern (continuous comprehensive assessment). Evaluation is based on close classroom observation of each child and of his/her regular class-work and written assignments. It is supplemented with periodic tests in which students receive marked evaluation of their tests. Reports to parents at this stage continue to reflect the overall growth of the child and contain comments and suggestions for the child in each subject.

Primary (Main School) Std 1 to Std IX – 7.30 a.m to 2.00 p.m.

Enrichment activity for Std V to Std IX – 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.  (Enrolment as per Parents choice)