Academic excellence is central to schooling at Lodha World School, Palava – but the education we provide is not limited to the classroom. We have a wealth of activities taking place during regular school hours, as part of the regular timetable. These activities are intended to ensure that pupils fulfil all their potential, developing a diverse range of skills.

Whether it is discovering beauty in craft, sculpting with clay, mastering critical language skills, developing physical skills and interests as in Aerobics and Kick-Boxing or kindling the inner chef, there is plenty of opportunity for creative expression to keep students active and to stimulate young minds.

Enrichment Program | Lodha World School Palava

Students are encouraged to be a part of clubs that expand their horizons and help them to define their interests. These clubs allow for a positive bonding experience for the future. A few clubs of choice for students are the Quiz and Nature clubs.

Lodha World School, Palava envisions itself to be a total game changer when it comes to implementing a structured, well planned, well equipped and well formulated sports program. Sports is considered to be a total personality developer in terms of physical and mental perseverance. Students participate in team sports where healthy competition and skill development takes place. A strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play is fostered among the students to inculcate in them feelings of team spirit, self-discipline and general well-being. Sports like Cricket, Football and Basketball are taught by professionally qualified and trained teachers from the sports academy Khiladi Connect. The format of each sports class includes learning technical skills in the respective sport, improving the body physically, learning to play as a team, and becoming familiar with game rules/regulations.

Music constitutes an integral part of the school’s co-curricular activities. Students are taught a variety of musical instruments in classes which are conducted after school hours by the Furtado School of Music.Lessons are offered in both Western and Indian instrumental (drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard/piano, flute, tabla) and vocal music. Music lessons are a part of the daily routine, ensuring that our students emerge confident and well-rounded individuals.

Fluidity, balance, flexibility, rhythm, and spatial awareness are essential to develop a holistic personality. Dance lessons at Lodha World School Palava which are conducted after school by Sole to Soul focus on rhythm, coordination, physical strength and stamina.Children learn and become comfortable with a sequence of dance steps. They also learn that dance is an expression of emotion as well as of culture. Children learn choreography and experiment with creative movement. As an outlet for artistic expression and creativity as well as for providing exercise and as a means for enhancing student engagement, dance can not only assist students and teachers in providing a new gateway for learning, but also is a platform for showcasing one’s talents in the end of the year annual extravaganza.