November 23, 2019 all-day
Annual Day Celebrations Spirit

Annual Day Celebrations Spirit
Lodha World School, Palava celebrated the Annual Concert on the 23rd and 24th of November 2019.
It was a glorious day for the entire school as all the teachers and students assembled a resplendent pageant of art, music, dance and drama in a culmination of a year-long journey of discovery.
At Lodha World School, Palava, a wide array of carefully selected activities/events is organized regularly to provide holistic education to our young learners.
This year, the recurring theme throughout the Annual Concert was “Nature at it’s best”.
In keeping with this theme, the students of Std I performed “The Lion King” beautifully on stage. They presented a most colourful sight in their costumes with various props.
Std II performed a skit on Fireflies and how these tiny insects come together to create the most splendid sight with their luminescent wings. Nature was again the focus here where students learnt that there is so much we can imbibe by simply observing nature and this was wonderfully woven into a script.
Std IV performed a skit on the much loved childrens’ tale of Alice in Wonderland. They brought the story to life and enacted the various characters most convincingly.
Std V performed a skit on “Paanchjanya” and the entire story of how the conch came into being. The enactment left the audience mesmerized.
Std VI then performed a skit on the life of Rabindranath Tagore. The play was on his progressive thinking and the entire skit took us back to the world and works of this great poet.
The play forced the audience to sit back and think and was bound to have a profound impact on their minds.
The Annual Concert in Lodha World School, Palava is not just a song and dance extravaganza but there is a lot of symbiotic learning here as well. These opportunities enable them to recognize their talent, hone their skills, instill positive values and make learning fun. Consequently, the campus of the school is always a busy place- reverberating with music, rhythm and colours of life.