October 28, 2017 all-day
Annual Project Display 2017-18

LODHA WORLD SCHOOL, PALAVA Annual Project Display 2017-18

As is said “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions”

At Lodha World School, Palava, as part of the “Experiential learning/Design thinking” initiative, the school has taken a small but sure-footed step towards inculcating experiential learning in students.

As part of this endeavor, Lodha World School, Palava organized an Annual Project Display on the 28th of October, 2017 in which students of Std III-Std X showcased different projects.

Projects such as designing alternate habitats to help animals adapt to the changing world, various advantages and ways of organic farming and the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship qualities as they had to earn credit points by selling self-produced crops, building vertical gardens that worked in a self-sustainable manner, with minimum need for human intervention etc. were showcased by the students.

Projects on conceptualizing and designing the blueprint of a self-sustainable township near the banks of a river or on the foothills of a mountain, taking into account the various natural disasters that could occur in the township and incorporating measures in their plans so that their township was least affected by the same were also undertaken. Planning of entertainment zones with the budgeting and marketing that goes into running the same, working models and equipment like seismographs, wave-breakers etc. that could detect and help deal with or overcome various natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, floods and droughts, volcanoes and landslides were also demonstrated. Working models of various facilities required to make a “Smart City” which included new ways of water treatment, use of sustainable energy resources, technically advanced metro rails, sports complex, malls, schools and universities, hospitals, fire stations and much more were also shown.

The Vice-Principal of Ruia College, Ms.Urmi Palan was the Chief Guest. She visited each and every classroom and interacted with the students most enthusiastically.

It was a learning experience which had a far-reaching impact on the young minds of our students making the process of learning dynamic and interactive.