June 24, 2017 all-day
Aura 2017

Aura 2017

Lodha World School, Palava organized the second edition of AURA an inter school competition on 24th June 2017. The foundation of Aura is laid on the principles of cooperation as against competition; the focus is on process rather than the product. Accordingly, Lodha World School looks at Inter-School events beyond winning and losing; we look at these as collective opportunities to learn and grow. This does not however, stop our students from performing par excellence and ‘winning’ several competitions that they participate in. Participating in inter school events gives the children a chance to leave the safety net of the school and experience the challenges of the outside world.
AURA, the enterprise of Lodha World School, intends to encourage the students to reconnoiter their hidden talents, build their confidence and make them ready to face the competitive world.
The program commenced with a prayer dance. It included competitions on various art forms, literary fest, sports and movie making. Thus an all in one event AURA presented multiple opportunities to the students to hone and showcase their skills and put their strength to the test, competing with the best of the best. The students not only brought characters alive but also revived our great Indian culture. The competition on floral tale had the students display wonderful exhibits representing Rapunzel, Cinderella and much more, in the most creative manner using flowers, dry leaves and twigs. The students enjoyed the quiz competition a lot as they were able to enhance their knowledge through the questions asked on world heritage. AURA believes in pushing its students to newer heights in all spheres including in the magic of movie making. The students put their best foot forward and made innovative, ingenious movies with live coverage of AURA itself.
This year AURA also included Football as one of the events that went on to become a huge hit with the schools wherein students learned life skills such as teamwork, leadership and respect.
AURA ’17 was judged by prestigious judges each judge having a unique forte in the field then were called upon to judge. The students’ enthusiasm and vigour made the event a grand success and the same was much appreciated by guests and participating schools. AURA thus was an awe-inspiring, vibrant and illuminating event.