June 29, 2019 all-day


AURA – the inter-school competition organised by Lodha World School, Palava inspires students to experience the beauty of colours, feel the ecstasy of music, emote through drama, express themselves gracefully through dance and express their abstract feelings through paintings.

AURA is an event which includes the various arts – so that students experience the rich and vibrant Indian culture in all its forms. It helps students internalize a culture that reflects their identity.

Lodha World School, Palava organized AURA on 29th June 2019. The number of schools participating was 13. We, at LWSP look at inter-school events as collective opportunities to learn and grow, not win or lose as the foundation of Aura is laid on the principle of cooperation as against competition.. Participating in inter school events gives children a chance to leave the safety net of the school and experience the challenges of the outside world.

The program commenced with a prayer dance in honour of Lord Ganesha. It included competitions on various Art forms, a Literary Fest, a Quiz, Sports and Movie making.

Competitions like Pebble Art, Hand Painting had students create outstanding displays which left the audience in awe.

AURA believes in pushing its students to newer heights in all spheres.

Judging was done by prestigious judges renowned in different fields of art, literature, music, dance and media.

The enthusiasm and excitement of students made the event a grand success and was the event was appreciated by all the guests and participating schools as an awe-inspiring, vibrant and illuminating event.