September 25, 2017 – September 26, 2017 all-day
Dahanu Trip

Dahanu Trip

Students of Std V, VI and VII of Lodha World School, Palava were taken on an educational field trip to the Sahyadri Camp in Dahanu on the 25th and 26th Of September, 2017. Located in a lush green chikoo orchard nestled in the Sahyadri range of Dahanu, the place is an ideal outdoor learning centre which blends education, adventure and recreation perfectly.
Sahyadri Farm in Dahanu having 84 acres of natural pastures and 34 acres of conservatory, is a learning ground for children. This is a place which brings education to life and life to education as children learn to commune with nature, learn from the best teacher – Mother Nature and learn to appreciate and understand the world around them better. A space where they can open up their imagination and be inspired to seek more knowledge.
The place was a wealth of knowledge as the well informed guides enlightened the students about the medicinal properties of different kinds of flora and how certain animals depend only on certain plants for nutrition and shelter.
Students learnt about traditional farming vs. organic farming and green houses. They were also given a lot of information on why organic fertilizers are deemed better compared to chemical fertilizers. They were taken to see vermi-culture, vermi-composting pits, biogas, pottery, rainwater harvesting, grafting, plant nurseries, tree planting etc. The guide also explained to the students the difference between agriculture, horticulture & floriculture. They were told about agricultural practices that are sustainable, modern and eco-friendly.
They saw how and why oysters are reared through the farm’s very own pearl-farming facility.
Children were given a unique chance to explore the lives of the dwindling Adivasi tribes. Through a village expedition, they were given a glimpse into the lives of and learnt the challenges faced by the local ‘Warli’ tribe – the original inhabitants of this region. Students were made aware of their traditions and culture and their form of art which encompasses the world-famous Warli Paintings. Students interacted with the Warli painters and bought some Warli paintings too.
The trip instilled in students the need to respect our resources and to take care of the environment.