December 15, 2017 all-day
Forganic Tirp

“Forganic Tirp”

On 15th of December 2017, the students of Std. 4 went on an Educational Tour to Forganic Farm, Jambhul Pada, Pali.This farm is set up to exemplify the concept of healthy and sustainable living through organic biodiversity. A unique fun based experience came alive at this charming farm, set in the backdrop of lush green fields and whispering winds. It’s earthy surroundings, serene water bodies, jumping sprinklers and lively cattle barns left the children mesmerized. Students went on a jungle trail where they experienced the rich flora and fauna of a typical rainforest. During the farm walk, they were amazed to see the abundance of organic vegetables and greens and were bedazzled by the butterflies in the butterfly trail. The visit enhanced their knowledge about trees, plants and ensured they got hands-on farming experience. This unique experience made this an unforgettable trip for students.