December 11, 2017 all-day
Fun Shalla "Humboldt Penguin Land"

Fun Shalla “Humboldt Penguin Land”

The most awaited day of the year was the day of the educational trip for children of Std 1.
Students were taken to “Humboldt Penguin Land” and Funshalla in Byculla.The school bus full of eager children started out from school at 8.30 am in the morning with the excitement palpable. On reaching the venue, the students first visited the Humboldt Penguin Land where the children were extremely excited to see the penguins hopping and diving into the water.Then students were taken to the bird’s hub where they got to see many different types of birds like the toco toucan, white crow, African parrot, flamingoes etc. After this, they visited Funshalla where they enjoyed themselves playing in the game zone with innovative playing toys.

The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and many of them stated that they would love to keep revisiting the place with their friends. It was a most memorable day for all the students and teachers.