October 17, 2019 all-day


MAMI 21ST Mumbai Film Festival
5-12 YEARS

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of being a part of this wonderful MAMI film festival as part of the child jury.
I was jumping with joy when I came to know that I would be representing my school and I feel very honoured for the same.
I had a wonderful experience watching all the eight International movies with my fellow jury members from other schools as well. It provided me a platform to interact with other members of my age and even older students.
We were warmly welcomed and taken care of by the coordinators of the event.
I have given my nomination to the team with my justification for the same. It was a great learning experience and I look forward to more such opportunities for participation.
Gauri Sajith
Class VI

MAMI Mumbai Film Festival was honestly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.
Each movie, out of the eight movies which were screened had an inspiring value to it while having amazing animation and sound effects.
We were given sheets on which we had to write what we liked/disliked at the end of the movie. It was my first time being a critic, and the wonders of experiencing it is something I’m not going to forget.
There were regular breaks and we had a great time eating and discussing movies and I honestly cannot come to terms with thinking of my journey to becoming a jury at one of Mumbai’s greatest film festivals.
To sum up, it was one of the most significant events I’ve ever been to.
Aishwarya Venkatesh
Class VIII

13-17 YEARS

I, Karan Rajput am currently in Grade 9 in Lodha World School, Palava. I am feeling very proud and at the same time also happy to be a part of the jury of Jio MAMI. It is my first time being a judge of such a grand event. All the four movies that were shown to us were Amazing!!. Each movie had a unique theme but a theme which is very relevant nowadays. It was a very good experience for me and I am also very excited to be present at the Grand Opening Ceremony. Thus it was overall a very good experience for me.
Karan Rajput
Class IX

To be given a chance to judge films and be a part of a jury is the best opportunity a student can get.
I was delighted to be a part of it. A Skype call with our curator, Samina Ma’am added to the charm on the screening day. Coordinators- Gaurav Sir and Smiti Ma’am -were really fun to be with. They made us feel like we have known each other for years. The best part of it were the screenings. We were shown 4 movies, which we had to deliberate upon to arrive at the best one.
We are really looking forward to the opening ceremony and the festival as a whole.
Lastly I would like to thank our Principal Ma’am and my teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Smriti Singh
Class XI