August 21, 2019 all-day
Inter-House Music Competition

Inter-House Music Competition
“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Longfellow
Music is one thing which transcends all limits, borders and restrictions. It touches the mind, body and soul effortlessly. And there is no music more soothing and touching than music steeped in one’s own roots.
India, a land of cultural diversities, has a very rich tradition of folk music. The extremes of cultural diversities creates endless varieties of folk styles. The music of each state identifies its distinguished culture and showcases the rich legacy of ancient history. As Rabindranath Tagore put it so succinctly, folk music is the music created by the masses in an exciting way shaping melodious and expressive language. Folk music gives meaningful roles to language and literature by bringing song and story together.
Recognizing the need to cultivate a love and knowledge of our cultural roots and of folk music among children, Lodha World School, Palava organized an Inter-House Music Competition on the 14th of August.
The Competition was conducted for students of grade 6 to 10. It was adjudged by two external judges Mr. Sourabh Vechlekar well known for his music compositions and Ms. Priti Takle.
The foot-tapping folk songs carrying the fragrance of the myriad parts of our country captivated the audience and the judges.It was a unique and wonderful show encompassing a vibrant display of music and patriotic song sung melodiously by the children. The presentation was truly enthralling as our young children displayed their talents.