August 17, 2017 all-day
Inter House Debate Competition

Inter House Debate Competition

Debate sharpens a student’s ability to think, research, listen critically and articulate thoughts confidently and persuasively. It instills in them a great sense of poise and confidence. It teaches them the skills of research, organizing, and presenting information in a lucid manner.
Keeping this in view, an Inter House Debate Competition was organized in Lodha World School, Palava on the 17th of August 2017.
The Debate session was divided in to two groups. The junior section, where students from grade 6 and 7 participated and the senior section which saw the participation of grade 8, 9 and 10.The students were given the topic one hour prior to the competition. They were given an hour to prepare with the help of books, journals, newspapers but sans technology.
The topic for the junior section was ‘World peace is a dream’
And for the seniors it was ‘Demonetization is a boon.’
The representatives of the various houses spoke strongly on the issue and came up with their unique perspective. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand. Even the audience participated wholeheartedly when their turn came.
It was really astonishing to hear the young participants speak their mind in a confident manner.
In each of the two categories, Zeus House stood first followed by Poseidon, Apollo and Aeolus houses.