October 2, 2018 all-day
Kalanjali: An Ode To Art

Kalanjali: An Ode To Art
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of our Nation, played an eminent role in giving India, its long deserved freedom. To commemorate our dear Bapu’s 149th birth anniversary, Lodha World School, Palava organised ‘Kalanjali’, an Art and Craft exhibition showcasing the work of all the art enthusiasts of the school. The event started with the lighting of the inaugural lamp by the Principal, Ms. Aditi Banerji. The school was adorned with beautiful paintings and craft displays by students from Grade I to X. While the art students of Grade IX and X were allotted the common hall to exhibit their creations, the rest were assigned their respective classrooms. The Madhubani, Mosaic, Gond, Abstract, Charcoal and various other art forms dazzled the parents who were called in for this event. Students spoke about how they had created their artwork giving details about the colour schemes, medium used etc. A major attraction was a student dressed up as Gandhi who sat with his charkha and welcomed all the visitors who came for the event. The school also recreated the famous Dandi March. The exquisite display of art pieces with a mesmerizing amalgamation of different hues and tints made the school look lively and made this an event that will stay with the students and their parents for a long time.
Shubhayu Basu
Lodha World School, Palava.