Our students will not only pick up the technical skills through the academic curriculum but also various life skills like problem solving, creative thinking, analytical thinking and much more. This eventually makes them a skilled resource ready to take on the world with confidence. We are able to achieve this through the various initiatives implemented in school as below.

Experiential Teaching and Learning Methodology

We understand that along with conventional academic knowledge we need to prepare our children to tackle the future with the much needed 21st century skills. Through the well designed and crafted experiential modules integrated with the regular curriculum we ensure our students not only turn wiser but also become great problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators and much aptly leaders of calibre to take on this global world.

Comprehensive Composite Assessments

At Lodha World School we have changed the definition of ‘examinations’. Exams are no longer dreaded about by the students nor need long hours of preparation. The comprehensive year round assessments ensure the measurement of learning happens on a periodic basis.