Being in this very dynamic and engaging field for more than two decades has compelled me to look at how to offer creative schools to our students. Education can and is being transformed to enable all young people to flourish and succeed in the21st century with a superior quality of life.

Giving students the ability to articulate themselves, to being able to do quick-thinking on their feet, learning through the art forms- both performing and literary, with equal emphasis on languages, the sciences and the math, offering an experiential learning platform, using the digital classroom environment to source and use relevant information, to seek out the personalised contribution of the highly trained staff at Lodha School all these are the hallmark of the culture that is defining the Lodha World Group of Schools.

Taking responsibility for change begins by accepting that change is within my reach. Being an agent of change, I have seen and many a times, initiated the shift, in the span of the two decades from a teacher -centric teaching context to a pupil-centric learning environment. And the way we have used assessments has helped us to transform the learning process from a mark –oriented, rat beat rat culture to an enabling evaluating strategy, keeping the potential of the child clearly in focus. We are now clearly set apart as educational leaders.

Our motto is to develop ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. It is impossible that our formula will fail to achieve this.Value education is the thrust of all that we do at Lodha World School, Thane. We will have succeeded in our vision when we give back to our society sound leaders guided through their lives by the values that were ingrained at school.

Mrs. Asha Narayanan

Principal, Lodha World School, Thane