Message from the Head Mistress on Early Years

The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence

Maria Montessori

Welcome to the Early Years section of Lodha World School

As a Lodha Nursery School in Thane and Lodha Kindergarten in Thane we are particular in providing opportunities for a child to freely explore nature. Each child is motivated and well guided to face the challenges of a formal schooling system.

We ensure strong moral, social, emotional and physical development, which helps us transform the children from innocent toddlers to confident, inquisitive, self-motivated learners and ideal citizens who can face the world with confidence.

Seven guiding principles have been established to serve as a benchmark for delivering education. We emphasize on these seven guiding principles, in addition to multiple intelligences like linguistic, musical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and logical- mathematical skills. Inculcating love for learning is the motto of Early Years education at Lodha World School.

At Lodha World School Thane, the hallmark of our approach towards Early Years education for our toddlers is to provide education that befits the personality of children we have with us today, not to enforce upon them our childhood principles or expect them to pursue our dreams.

We believe in following differentiated instructions where the teachers modify their instruction tomeet varying readiness levels, learning preferences and interests.

We look at developing the following four aspects in children during the initial years:

1. The Literacy Development Program
The Lodha School being an English medium school in thane will help The learners will be able to listen for information and respond appropriately. They will be able to read signs and words from their immediate environments. They will be able to pick up and write simple words and basic sentences in English. Eventually we will see all our children communicating effectively and confidently in English.

2. The Number Sense Development Program
Learners will be able to express orally their understanding of number concepts and arithmetic symbols. They will recognize and describe patterns, relationships and shapes. Eventually they will be able to solve simple problems related to everyday context.

3. Environmental Awareness and Development Program
Learners will be become aware of the importance of their own basic health and nutrition. They will learn to act positively towards the natural environment and will also start interacting positively in the social environment.

4. Life Skills development Program
Learners will demonstrate personal and interpersonal skills through active participation in creative activities like dance, music and theatre. They will be able to appreciate and express themselves through various art forms and expressions. Children will participate in a variety of physical activities like football, zumba and free play, which will promote movement and motor development. Eventually they will build a basic understanding of their own beliefs, become tolerant of others’, and share common positive values.

To ensure the above competencies are achieved we have transformed our teaching and learning methodologyto include the following:

  • Learning by doing through a more hands on and activity based teaching approach
  • Creating a student-centric learning environment in the classroom
  • Make the students responsible for their own learning by providing them with choices in their daily classroom activities
  • Building a high degree of interaction, participation and contribution in collaborative settings
  • Implementing varied strategies classrooms to allow students to investigate and explore to exactly know the ‘why, what and how’ of what they are doing.

This basically means that teachers proactively plan the varied approaches to what the students need to learn, how they will learn it and how they will express what they have learnt in order to increase the likelihood that each student will learn as much as he/she can, as efficiently as possible.