December 14, 2017 @ 6:43 am – 7:43 am
Handwriting contest organised by the ‘Aesthetic Handwriting Rating Agency’ - 2017

Students of #LodhaWorldSchoolThane of classes’ I-X participated in the Handwriting Competition organised by the ‘Aesthetic Handwriting Rating Agency’. Six students have been shortlisted for this year’s edition of The Top 100 Handwritings of India. This list has been shortlisted out of a whopping 14,000 participants from across India. Select shortlisted handwriting samples have been sent to the US for further assessment. All shortlisted top 100 participants will be specially recognized as “Master Penman” and will be given attractive Badges, Certificates, Pens and Complimentary Gift of DVD in the fall of November 2017, while the winners will only be announced later in the fall of January 2018.