April 28, 2017 all-day
Inter House Performing Arts Festival

The Inter-House Performing Arts Festival (2016-2017) was held on the Lodha World School grounds on the
28th of April, 2017. The event was a cultural milieu in which each and every student of the school participated. Initially handicapped by the unavailability of space, our Principal Asha Narayanan conceptualised the idea of a variety of platforms staging different kinds of performances. Giving it the look and the feel of a carnival, the school ground was branched out into different stages which hosted different performances like mimicry, mime, orchestra, dance, puppetry, street play, ramp walk, poetry recitation, and public speaking. Students from classes I to V participated in group events and the students of classes VI to IX in individual ones. Class X put up a historical play called JahanAra’s Brother which portrayed the tension of the Mughal struggle for power.

The school closed for the summers with this festival and with the eager wait for the results. Aeolus House emerged victorious in most of the group performances and children were rewarded accolades.  The success of this event has set the framework for many such events to come where the lack of space can be converted to the best of our advantage and thoroughly enjoyed by all.