January 20, 2017 all-day
Lobotics - ro­botics festival

Lobotics- the Robotics Festival was held on the 17th of February on school premises. The main participants in this event were from classes IV to VIII and the students brilliantly showcased their electronic as well as physics knowledge by coming up with various innovative working models. Some students used Witblox  to make their projects while some tried to come up with innovations out of household wastes. The focus was mainly on usage of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. The Lobotics Quiz was organised by the Class 9s as a part of their Physics project where they went around conducting short quizzes for the junior classes to test their knowledge and to encourage them to participate more. The winners were given a free period where they could try their hands at online gaming. Models like Quadcopter( flying like helicopters) and mini portable vacuum cleaners were greatly appreciated by the judges. Organised by Bhoomica Asnani,  the festival was a big hit amongst the science enthusiasts of our school.