October 4, 2016 all-day
Report on Tongue Twister Activity

The tongue twister activity was conducted for Class I to III on 4th October 10, 2016. All the students participated in it. The activity was conducted during school hours in the respective classrooms.

Tongue Twisters are used more to improve flexibility in the mouth, lips, and jaw. This leads to two benefits:

  • Improved diction and enunciation.
  • Greater ability to properly form vowels in order to produce a clearer tone.

Besides these two major reasons there is also fun and creativity factor. When the child creates his/her own tongue twister he/ she is begin creative also it helps them to increase their vocabulary. All this is done keeping the fun factor in mind.

As per the Grade level, different activities related to above topic were conducted:
Class 1: Audio recording of various tongue twister were heard by students. Then the students were asked to verbally imitate any one or two tongue twisters as per their choice and liking.

Class 2: Students were asked to form groups. Each group then had to create a tongue twister. Each student in the group had to write answer of one question, keeping in mind that the answer of each question had to start with same sound.

e.g. Bob bought a bike in Bali on his birthday because he was bored.

Class 3: Each child was given a worksheet and asked to create tongue twister. In the worksheet, adjectives and nouns starting from same letter were given so the student can easily create his/her own tongue twister, which later on he/she had to read.

All the students immensely enjoyed this activity.