March 3, 2017 all-day
Sayonara 2017

On February 3rd, the students of class X were given a warm farewell by class IX and all their teachers. The event, Sayonara, held on February 3rd on the school premises was hosted by the head boy Abin Koshy along with cleanliness captain Reyna Bansal. Based on the Rajasthani theme, the venue was beautifully decorated in bright colours with leheria and bhandej dupattas giving it the look and feel of a typical Rajasthani ‘haveli’. The rangoli, the dhol and the mirror work on the matkas kept around added to the ambience. The event was inaugurated by our Principal Ms Asha Narayanan followed by the class X’s oath taking as they step out into the world. The head girl Yashi Shah and the sports captain Ram Sharma of the outgoing batch spoke on the behalf of their class, thanking the school and the staff for nurturing them. Following that, the juniors tried to mimic their seniors through dance-drama performances as the mementos were handed out to the students of class X. Delicious evening snacks pertaining to the Rajasthani theme and ‘Rajasthani Tombola’ lightened the heavy hearts of everybody who was unhappy to let go of the students. It was a very well organised program spearheaded by Bhoomica Asnani that was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody present and a much needed break for the class Xs before they braved their board examinations.