January 29, 2019 all-day
Spell Well

The activity Spell Well for classesIand II was conducted on 29th Jan 2019 at Lodha World School, Thane. A preliminary round was conducted a day prior to the activity and four best students, one from each house were selected.

On the day of the activity classes I and II pupils gathered in the multipurpose hall and the Spell Well Activity was conducted. Teachers briefly explained the students about the basic rules of the activity. Students were divided into four groups,house wise.

Different rounds were conducted like find the 2 missing vowels, read out the correctly spelled word for the given clue, find the missing letters and spell the word.

Pupils gained points for their team. The house which gathered highest points won.

This activity not only helped the pupils to enhance their vocabulary, competitive spirit, confidence, etc. but also was an enjoyable event.